We started DS Projects to merge the gap between big brands and emerging creators.

The voice of modern creators represents the new marketing world, and through this perspective, I became embedded in an emerging scene of diverse makers who leveraged new technology to share their work and build communities.
I had found myself in the middle of an exciting shift. The boundaries that existed to legitimize an 'artist' quickly eroded and the industry started to recognize a new wave of creators.

Our community spans specialties—from creative strategists to producers to animators. By leveraging our relationships with these visionaries who are at the forefront of culture, we have worked with some of the most respected global brands.

- Dylan Hattem

About DS Projects

With a combination of instinct and insight, we are fueled by an obsession to produce content that inspires action and unlocks audiences.

We have nurtured a community of creators that are the foundation of our strategic approach.

Our specialty lies in 4 core programs;
Visual Content, Creative Strategy, Tastemaker Access, Brand Campaigns

We execute across key cultural verticals;
Fashion, Automotive, Music, Lifestyle, Event, Travel, Beverage