Z.N.E Primeknit Hoodie

Visual Content

The Background

Adidas approached us to shoot imagery around a 36-hour campaign that showcased the Z.N.E. Primeknit Hoodie–a key garment that is part of a collection that was created to bring premium comfort to athletes in the intense moments before and after a competition.

The Approach

Instead of just highlighting the fabrics and designs, we wanted to highlight the journey, primarily through a POV angle.

The Work

The activation started with following protagonists on a trip to New York to see the Boston Celtics and Brooklyn Nets game. After the game, attendees flew to Boston to attend the 36 HRS launch preview at the recently opened adidas x CNCPTS collaborative boutique, which attracted a key group of people who are prominent in the city’s streetwear community. The content created was distributed across Adidas social media channels and on all press release kits.