Daniëlle Cathari x Kendall Jenner

Visual Content
Art Direction

The Background

Daniëlle Cathari—a rising design star who embodies what it means to be a creator–launched a collaboration with Adidas Originals to bring a fresh spin to’ 3-Stripes’ heritage. Working alongside Kendall Jenner to bring an early-2000s fashion vibe to life, Adidas brought the new collection to NYC to showcase the line at an exclusive, invite only event.

The Approach

We wanted to capture Kendal Jenner in an elevated yet approachable way to evoke a sense of aspiration. The products highlighted Adidas’ iconic 3-stripes so we wanted to build a set that spoke to the linear design language.

The Work

The set was built using scaffolding to speak to the ‘back to basics’ nature of the designs. We produced static visual content that was distributed across social media and web.